Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My New Mould Hobby problem!

Hello Internet! This is a cry for help! 

I've started with a new hobby recently. I recieved a mould kit from "Prince August" for Christmas present. Though the kit isn't the very best starter kit to be found as it seems. Since I'm having a very hard time getting these 40mm Carolean moulds right.

I try time after time, it never gets right. The result is shown down below. So I beg somebody out there to give me tips or tell me how to get it right.

On forehand, thanks a lot!

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  1. I think the main problem here is that your clamps are pressing the mold to hard so that the air can't escape, which results in the air blocking the metal from filling the mold. Try to change the places where you put the clamps and/or adjust the clamps to make them softer. The trick is to find the sweet spots where you put as little pressure on the mold as possible, but still prevent the metal from leaking.

    Another idea is to carve out an air canal from the bayonet to the other musketeer's musket with a knife. It does not need to be a very wide canal, just wide enough to let the air escape but preferably not the metal.